When you go back to your roots of being a woman, when you become one with yourself again with mindful practice, you can create magic.

There is no stronger force than a circle of women. When we uphold, account for and work together we are unstoppable. Look at the #metoo and #timesup movements, look at the Hidden Figures behind the first moon landing, look at how you feel after an afternoon with your soul sisters. When we come together and congregate, our vibration is raised and we are as such elevated to a higher level of being.

That feeling after a good cry to one of your best friends, or when you call your mum or grandmother just to catch up, that's The Power of She at work. As women, we are stronger together than any other force.

The Wise Woman, The Witch, The Medicine Woman, The Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Women used to be leaders of the tribe. Wise women, at one with the earth, would be the healers, the carers and the providers for their community. Even today in tribes inhabiting the far reaches of the globe, women are the goddess' of their villages.

For centuries now we have been suppressed. Instead of holding our feminine power in our emotional maturity, our connection to Mother Earth and Moon, empathy and strength, we have been told a number of conflicting things of 'how to be'. We have been stuffed full of synthetic hormones that defame our femininity for the sake of 1-3 days a month where we may fall pregnant. We have been sold pipe dreams in the form of detox teas that give us diarrhoea. We have been told for decades that we are not ‘lady like’, ‘womanly’ or that our clothes aren’t ‘flattering’. We have worn virgin white and been ‘given away’ by our Fathers to our Husbands. We have let this go on too far.


any of these ring a bell?


"Jeez, no need to be a bitch."

"You're too bossy."

"Show us a smile."

"We need to get you laid."

"You're being too emotional."

"You throw like a girl."

"Are you on your period?"

"We should get a man in to fix that."


You are exhausted. Exhausted of trying to live your truth in living out your dreams but also trying to hold down the household, your marriage, your work/life balance, cook dinner, clean, be a friend, a sister, a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a woman. For too long you have been trying to do it all and you've reached a point where you're living for others, not honouring your desires, losing touch with yourself, not allowing yourself to be. You're going through the motions and existing. You aren't living.

well I say fuck that noise,

& I invite you to say it too.

You can do it all and still live your truth & feel fulfilled, heard and held. 

it’s time to come home.

Collage Shadow.png

hey, i’m luci!

Welcome, Sister. I'm so glad you are here. I wrote this course with you in mind.

A few years ago, shortly after graduating university with a First Class Honors Degree (whilst also working a full-time job and running my business - yeah, can you see where this is headed?) and going full-time in my design business, I was reaching burn-out. I was working every second from when I woke up to when I went to sleep. I was borderline agoraphobic (for fear of going out and living my life when my client's needed me), neglecting my friends and family and probably my boyfriend. I was having panic attacks everyday, not looking after my body and eventually found it hard to even get out of bed on some days. These beliefs that I needed to be present and available for clients at all times were entirely fabricated in my head from my own innate belief that if I didn't work hard I couldn't make money.

It was around this time my Nanny suffered a fatal stroke, and it forced me back to reality. What the fuck was I doing? I had been so blinded by money and so in the belief that if I stopped working for a second everything would fail, that I hadn't actually lived for about a year. The month that followed forced me to all but stop working, and spend that precious time with one of the most important women in my entire life. I needed to be present for her, I needed to show up for her like she had showed up for me every single day for 25 years.


During Nanny's final month I sat by her hospital bed for five hours every single day. That reality check forced me to re-address how I had been approaching my life. And it took losing my own Matriarch to discover the wondrous power of mindful and intentional living.

If you're wondering, Nanny still shows her presence every day - it was actually whilst talking to her picture in my office as I do everyday, that I had the very idea for this course.

where am I now?

Now I'm at a place where on the very rare occasion I do notice anxiety creeping back in, I know the techniques to stop it before it can become anything. I'm more peaceful and productive every day. I have limits and clear vision on my priorities. I've manifested trips to LA, Boston, Aruba, Bali, Costa Rica and the South of France, manifested working with my dream clients, meeting and becoming friends with people I've admired for years, a new car and thousands of pounds right when I need it. I give each day an intention and meditate every day. I'm at a level of intuition where I can uncover and clear blocks and limited beliefs that have held me back for years. 

I'm infinitely more happy, productive and positive. Sure, I have bad days still - everybody does. But I know how to pull myself out of that slump now.


the three pillars of mindful living




Your subconscious mind basically runs the show. If you have any little gremlins lurking in there, the rest of your life may seem slightly out of whack. There is a lot of beauty in the dark places, a lot of fresh growth, and to live with true intention and alignment it’s imperative you service your mind before the rest.



When the mind and body are more in-whack than usual, you will find the simplest of spiritual tasks easier. Everything from manifesting, stress relief, down to even the pain you may usually feel during your period, can do a full 180. You will be amazed at what you can create with your spiritual support team when you’re embodying the highest version of yourself!



Whether it’s feeling a feeling of serious lethargy having eaten all the carbs over the holidays, achy, clicky joints if you’ve been putting off the gym for a while or blemishy skin from lazy cleansing, any passive mistreatment of your body will manifest. Bringing your body back in to alignment and listening to what she actually needs will completely sky rocket your mindset and mental health.


What could your life look like if you lived a more mindful and intentional life?


༓ Drastically reduce (and in some cases, cure) anxiety, depression and stress

༓ Sleep soundly and wake up happier, more motivated and energetic

༓ Be more productive with your day getting more done, yet feel infinite ease and flow

༓ Take in and retain information more clearly and easily

༓ Bring in more business, and create content that resonates with your true self

༓ Realise your truth and live out your purpose

༓ Learn how to harness your innate manifestation powers to create your own reality

༓ Learn the way your own body works and conduct your life in a way that serves your physiology

༓ Uncover & clear beliefs that have been holding you back for lifetimes

༓ Change your outlook on life, luck, love and your own mental & physical abilities

༓ Fall in love with your feminine powers

༓ The list is endless!


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the modules

This course is broken down in to 3 key module areas: Mind, Body & Magick with 4-6 lessons in each focussing on a particular topic.



Welcome & Woo 101

Learn the basic elements of 'woo', and how it's not quite as 'woo' as you may have once thought. Learn and understand the basic principles of working with the universe and the splendours of Mother Earth to create more mental space and positivity in your life. Cut through the jargon and make sense of what it means to lead a mindful life that serves you and your soul’s true purpose.

Module 1. Mind

Lesson 1: Intuition & Tuning In

Learn how to date your intuition, rekindle that flame and trust your instincts. Our intuition is the most powerful tool we have as human be-ings on this planet. Our intuition is guided by our ancestral memory, our angels and guides and most importantly, our gut. Learn how to tune in to your intuition to live with intent, confidence and purpose. When you are in tune with your intuition, you save so much time and energy on making decisions and agonising over next steps. Listen in sister, she’s speaking to you.

Lesson 2: Intentional Day Planning

Build a morning routine flexible to your own abilities, wants and priorities. Overcome the pressure of all the 'perfect' ones preached online and set your day up for success. When you plan your days with you at the forefront of it you become more aware of the time you spend giving yourself to others. It's not selfish to consider yourself before others - say that out loud! It's how we survived years and years ago and to better serve those around you, you need to be looking after yourself too.

Lesson 3: Intentional Goal Setting

In this module, you will be learning how to set goals that set you up for success, how to lay the foundations to manifest absolutely anything, and how to actionably plan to achieve what you set your mind to with real accountability. Goal setting with intention admittedly takes longer than declaring your average new year's resolution, but the pay off is *far* greater.

lesson 4: Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Forgiveness

Ever felt imposter syndrome creeping in? Maybe you harbour the belief that women are supposed to live for others or that you don't deserve the life of your dreams. Maybe you believe they are just that - dreams. Not a possible reality. That's not your fault, you might be carrying such limiting beliefs from past lives or even from your childhood. In this module, we will cover affirmations for letting go of these negative vibes, and techniques you can use to clear those nagging thoughts yourself for life.

Remember, we are all already healed and whole. When we feel we need healing, we are just remembering what it feels like to be already be healed... that's our frame of reference. You can overcome anything.

Lesson 5: Practicing Gratitude

Learn the fundamentals of meaningful journalling and practising gratitude. Uncover how gratitude can transform your outlook on life, giving you more peace and contentment and opening up space for more positivity in your everyday. Journalling with intent isn't like writing in your teen diary. Journal how your body feels each day, the changes you notice in yourself and use these as tools for developing your intuition superpowers! A lot of gratitude is to do with forgiveness, so this module will teach you ways to truly let go of what is no longer serving you and feel gratitude about what you do have.

Lesson 6: Meditation

Learn the various ways you can use meditation to build a life you love to lead, learn the ways you may be struggling to clear your mind and how to fix them and how just twenty minutes a day can free up literal hours of for more productivity and less stress. Meditation to stop a panic attack in minutes, to productively start your day, to manifest anything at all. Meditation is such a powerful tool and it's easier than you may think!

Module 2. Body

Lesson 1: Movement & Connecting with Yourself

My soul sister, yogic queen and feminine alchemist Jessi Mendez steps in in this module and is so graciously gifting us a daily morning flow to centre yourself and feel invigorated for a peaceful, productive and intentional day. In this module, we also look at how Yoga can be used as a tool for stress relief, connecting and engaging your chakras, learning your body and connecting with your higher self.

Lesson 2: Your Personal Cycle & Flow

Learn how your body turns her tides and plan your months to give yourself that She nurturing when you need it. In this module you'll also discover natural remedies to soothe your body during your moon cycle and how to harness the various stages in your cycle to ensure you stay in your full potential.

Lesson 3: Nourish Your Body

Discover foods, practises and substances that support your phsyiological health as a woman, without the nasties that come with synthetic supplements, birth control and 'diet' products. These methods are centuries old, and our Fore Mothers and their wisdom seem to have been long forgotten in the days of lab-produced consumeables! Implement these teachers in to your daily practice for an overwhelming shift in supported health, energy levels and wellbeing.

Lesson 4: Immediately free up more of Your Time

Learn the ways you can free up time in each week by automating the tasks that take up your valuable time. From the nitty gritty of payments and client management right through to things like meal planning and grocery shopping. By creating this space and clearing out unnecessary tasks from your day you are telling the universe you are ready to accept more out of life!

Module 3. Magick

Lesson 1: The Power of the Moon

Learn how to read your chart and run your life and business by the movements of the moon and by listening to your own bodily orbit; your cycle. By working intuitively with the moon in relation to your own personal chart and cycle you can forecast when your most powerful manifestations would be, when you may need to prepare for a tougher time, and when you'll be more productive.

Lesson 2: Manifesting

Learn how powerful manifestation can really be and the tools you can use to aid your efforts. Learn the various ways in which you can supercharge your manifestation. Learn the exact techniques I used to manifest our dream first home, trips to Boston, LA, Connecticut, Vermont, Bali, Aruba, the South of France, a new car, working with my dream clients, becoming friends with people I had looked up to online for years, and even the exact amount of money I needed to make some of these things happen.

Lesson 3: Crystal Power

Learn how the energetics of our Crystal teachers can raise our own vibrations and support us in our daily lives, manifestations and healing. Receive a breakdown of the benefits of specific substances so you can begin calling in that Spiritual support team of your own.

Lesson 4: Medicine Woman

Harking back to days gone by, we will break down the ways in which the term 'Witch' has gone somewhat awry in today's time, and how this natural medicine can organically and wholly help us with our day to day ailments.

Closing Circle

When the course is complete we will gather in virtual circle to bring a close to our group growth, set intentions for going ahead and reflect and celebrate on how far we've come! We can continue the support in our Facebook community once the course has ended, but it is equally as important to hold this closing ceremony to release, celebrate and move onwards!


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I call her Wild Woman, for those very words, wild and woman, create llamar o tocar a la puerta, the fairy tale knock at the door of the deep female psyche. Llamar o tocar a la puerta means literally to play upon the instrument of the name in order to open a door. It means using words that summon up the opening of a passageway. No matter by which culture a woman is influenced, she understands the words wild and woman, intuitively.

When women hear those words, an old, old memory is stirred and brought back to life. The memory is of our absolute, undeniable and irrevocable kinship with the wild feminine, a relationship which may have become ghosty from neglect, buried by over-domestication, outlawed by the surrounding culture, or no longer understood anymore.

We may have forgotten her names, we may not answer when she calls ours, but in our bones we know her. We yearn toward her; we know she belongs to us and we to her.
— Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run with the Wolves

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Enchantress wombanual

Consider this your guide to your feminine powers. In this 50 page ebook, my sisters Jessi & Brie from Wild Essense Yoga School will guide you to learn exactly how to amplify your feminine gifts and intuitive powers using natural plant teachers, essential oils, and learnings from our ancestors. Implement the teachings in your everyday life to experience better health, mindset & clarity!

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exclusive live call

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your questions answered


When does the course begin / when do I receive content?

You will receive access to Introduction: Woo 101 immediately after enrolling. The course officially begins on Monday, April 1st and each module is released every week thereafter.

When do I get the bonuses?

If you are eligble for bonuses at the time of purchase, you will receive The Wombanual immediately after purchase. The live call will take place at a date and time that suits my early bird participants, you will be surveyed for your best availability after all 10 are in!

If you were one of the first 10 to purchase The She Potential and as such are eligible for the physical welcome box, all boxes will be posted by the end of April. Please note tracking is not available for students outside of Europe.

How is the course delivered?

The course is hosted on Podia and will be delivered weekly with both video lessons and workbooks for you to either print out or fill digitally on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Will there be live calls?

Yes! When the course officially begins, you will see a poll in the Facebook group to vote on a time/date that best suits you. The timeslots with the most votes will be the times & dates for our live calls. There will be 3 in total during the 14 weeks.

Will I have your support throughout?

100% YES. This is a transformative journey and it is expected that you may require support from me and your coursemates to support you on the journey. There will be a course Facebook group where you can gain support from your peers and myself, and this will be a sacred place where we will hold space for eachother. I will be going live in the facebook group once a week for a live Q&A to support you through that week's topic. If you are unable to attend the FB live, you can submit your questions prior and I will answer them on the stream!

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to the course and all of its materials once fully purchased.

How do the payment plans work?

Your payment plan is split in to 3 equal payments over 3 months. Should you miss a payment, you receive a one week grace period to update your card information on the platform. If, after that time passes, you are unable to maintain your payments or update your card, your access to the course will be revoked until you can make up your balance.

Early bird (first 10 places): 3 Monthly Payments of £299
Regular Pricing: 3 Monthly Payments of £399

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this content and the immediate availability of some bonuses, refunds are not accepted.


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