How to Change Your Life in 2019

How to Change Your Life in 2019 with holistic, mindful practice

My life changed recently. Yes, in all the big ways your life tends to change in your mid-twenties; buying a house, working hard, grandparents passing on and dealing with loss etc. - but it was in the enlightenments and discoveries I made about myself and the universe around me that really triggered change.

Let me set the scene for you - my business had been running steadily for 2 years at the time this happened. I was constantly busy, I had missed out on a bunch of fun stuff due to work, my fitness had fallen way off the radar, we were living with my Mother-in-Law and I literally would wake up, work, eat, slot in an hour of TV time with my love and then go to sleep again. This went on for almost 2 and a half years until I was all but burned out.

One day, for no particular reason, I was called to purchase a book called Moonology by Yasmin Boland. I still don’t know why to this day, as up until this point I had very little interest (or time) for woo woo type things. My Dad is the most cynical ‘realist’ you will ever meet, so that had rubbed off on me somewhat.

As I lay in the bath turning page after page, I could physically feel something changing within me. What I was reading simultaneously made no sense and the most sense out of anything I had ever read before.

As women, we are cyclical beings. Of course we are. Our bodies run on cycles of hormone surges and we bleed on a daily schedule near identical to the Moon and Her movements. We have our Luteal phases and Follicular phases which determine our weight, fat retention, water retention, stress levels, cravings, emotions, sex drive, much as the Moon has her Waning and Waxing phases which rule the tides, emotions, reactions, fertility, perception, drive and creativity. We are positively built in the image of the Moon.

Well, let me tell you… this opened a huge need for more information. I was ravenous to learn more about how the Moon and the Earth can work alongside us as humans in our efforts to build a life we love. When I started living life in accordance to these natural cycles I noticed the most insane manifestations start happening all around me.

In a matter of months of practicing these holistic techniques I manifested:

  • An idea for a course that has been screaming to get out of me for years, but which I never could put my finger on what it had to be about before

  • A soul sister, mentor and guide along this journey

  • A brand new car

  • A new house (which we bought!)

  • Working with my absolute dream clients

  • A studio space that fills me up with joy every time I enter it

  • Trips to LA, Connecticut, Vermont, South of France

  • Yoga Teacher Training whenever I am ready to take it

  • My menorrhagia completely cured itself

  • My anxiety plummeted

I could go on, but this isn’t about me. I want to help YOU take small steps to a more intuitive, intentional way of living, and it starts with these small steps…


1. Get in tune with your own cycles

It sounds silly when you say it out loud because we’ve lived with these cycles for decades, but really get to know your own. I recommend apps such as Natural Cycles or Clue. Learn your various phases and plot out on a calendar when you begin your bleed and when you are due to ovulate. Apps like Clue help you journal your feelings, both physical and emotional on any given day in your cycle, and after a while you will notice what days you have the most creative ideas and drive, and which days you probably need to succumb to some self care.

2. correlate your findings with the moon’s cycles

Downloading apps like The Moon (my personal fave) will get you familiar with where the Moon is at in her current cycle. you may begin to notice that on days when she is waxing (growing to full) you begin to feel more emotional, more full of ideas and bursting to manifest it all. As she wanes (grows smaller to new moon or dark moon) you may feel release of emotional build up, you may feel more tired and less enthused. Work with this. This will help you in your manifesting and your daily planning. If you know next Sunday when The Moon is Full that you will also be ovulating you can expect sex drive to be at its highest peak, your drive to birth new projects and ideas will be going crazy, so it’s a great time for you to sit down and start setting intentions for the next phase.

3. write out your intentions at the beginning of each moon phase

…And work throughout until Full Moon with manifesting! Don’t worry, there will be more posts coming with tips on manifestation, but the simplest way I can explain it is to ‘act as if’.

Check back to your manifestation intentions and begin to act as if it has already happened. Raise a glass and toast it and chat with your partner as if you’re right there as it happens. If its a vacation, book the time off work ready and mark it in your diary. If it’s money to pay for something necessary or luxury, don’t be stingy whilst you save, show the universe you know its coming and provide an energetic vacuum for it to come in to (by way of spending!), maybe you want a new car, so go and book a free test drive so you can act as if it really is your car you are driving!

Be aware of what is going on around you and you will begin to notice opportunities arise, such as ads for cheap vacations or discount codes or perhaps a friend of a friend looking for a service that you provide.

The number one rule when it comes to manifesting is that you have to truly believe it will happen. There is no use in just blindly hoping something happens but in your heart of hearts ‘knowing’ (or at least, thinking) that it won’t. You will emit that energy higher than your efforts otherwise and it will take far longer to bring to fruition. Sometimes you may get seen as having your head in the clouds, or for being a wishful thinker, but as long as you hold the faith and act as if, it’s just a matter of time!

4. work more with essential oils for ailments

This one took me a while, like a really long-ass whiiiiile to accept. As recently as a year ago I would’ve popped a Benadryl in the face of even the slightest allergy, a paracetamol or 2 with the tiniest twinge of period pain. Headache? Ibuprofen that bad boy. But no more.

We forget as a people that centuries ago our ancestors didn’t have modern medicine or pills, they had nature’s gifts and worked with these to create medicine using herbal remedies. Here are some of my favourite blends that, when used, have not only been remarkably more effective than medicine, but also eased other symptoms too, like the sick feeling I get from cold & flu medicine:

Cold & Flu Remedies
Mix any and all of the following with boiling water over the hob until you have your own perfectly brewed tea: lemon, fresh ginger, cloves, orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, turmeric, oregano, honey.
Young Living Thieves Essential Oil
Young Living R.C. Essential Oil
Young Living Copaiba Essential Oil
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil
Mix any of the above oils in an oil diffuser (Copaiba is especially good defused to ease congestion!) or apply directly to your chest and soles of your feet for congestion relief and fatigue. (note: be careful with Thieves on your chest as it can sting a little if over-used - only a drop or two is required!)

Period Pains
I personally love Moontime Loose Leaf Tea by Indigo Herbs which blends Chamomile, Jasmine, Red Clover, Passiflora, Black Cohosh and Skullcap to ease cramping and back pain.
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Young Living Geranium Essential Oil
Young Living Clary Sage Essential Oil
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil
Mix any of the above and drop in to a bath with Epsom salts for some aromatherapy to ease your cramping. Alternatively, you can massage lavender and geranium simultaneously on your chest and your womb space on your stomach with deep breaths for immediate pain relief

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Young Living Peppermint Oil
Young Living Lemon Oil
Blend all 3 together and massage on your chest so you can breathe them in. Lavender, peppermint and lemon is a known natural antihistamine and can be used to deter passive allergies like hay-fever or when placed on an allergic reaction like a bug bite or even eczema, can ease swelling, pain and itchiness.

Bug Bites
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Young Living Peppermint Oil
Young Living Lemon Oil
As mentioned above, blend all three together on your bites and feel immediately relief from itchiness and swelling.

Young Living Helichrsyum Essential Oil
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil
When used together, these two combined are like actual magic for unbroken but painful skin ailments such as bites of eczema.

Young Living Peppermint Oil
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil
Blend together a few drops of each to the nape of your neck and temples for pain relief and relaxation.

I really could go on and on, but that’s what The She Potential course is for ;)

There will be more posts coming soon to help you in living a life more in-tune with your desires and highest good, but in the meantime, why not sign up below to get on the VIP list for The She Potential course? I’ll also be sending you one actionable step you can take each week to bring a little awareness and intention in to your daily lives!

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